Flocks of Lemmings

So, I’ve been trying to find time to do another live wallpaper for my android incredible. Basically, converting a processing sketch I did a while back into a live wallpaper. You can find the original sketch here. The lemmings respond to mouse interaction by running away.

Processing sketches can be exported into android apps automatically, however, they cannot be exported as live wallpapers. At least not yet. And from what I have noticed, is that while it’s very cool to export as an app, the performance suffers. It’s much better to write a custom app for what you are wanting to accomplish. With that said, it’s still quite amazing the java applets can be exported as android applications. Props to the guys who made it possible. Here’s a link: look for version 0192. There is continuous work being done to improve processing, so the performance issue may be extinct soon enough.

This wallpaper will utilize a 2D flocking algorithm, a couple pngs of lemmings and a smoke/blood animation by POW Studios. The animations were also used in Plumes.

Hopefully, I’l start on it tomorrow. Plumes was written using the Canvas functionality of the android OS. This wallpaper will use OpenGL ES 1.0. Hopefully, getting better performance, and with some luck, better support for a wider variety of phones. More to come later.

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