Back to blogging

After two years of not blogging, I’ve decided to start again. This time with a purpose. The purpose of describing data analysis tools, methods and techniques that I personally enjoy using. I’m going to start with writing a data analysis platform from the ground up based on techniques that I have come to love. These […]

python metaprogramming

Recently, I’ve been using python a good bit at work and have really started to enjoy the language. The meta-programming strengths of python drastically increases what you can do with very little code. I’m really enjoying learning the language. Today, I wrote the following code today mainly to get more familiar with the ‘magic’ methods […]

Gradient Slider update

Recently, I discovered a problem with the color picker I was using for the gradient slider I wrote. Apparently, it does not cover 100% of the color spectrum. So I started googling and found some algorithms on Wikipedia on calculating color gradients. So after a couple hours it was perfect, at least in terms of […]

SQL group by alias

Hey, A friend at work asked me today about grouping by only part of a column when using MySQL. He wanted to group by a string column, but only part of the string contained what he wanted. So basically I gave him a query that looks similar to the one below: select count(*), substring(string_column, 1, […]

Google on your cmd-line

Hey, It’s been a couple days since my last post and this is my meager attempt at blogging on a regular basis… Anyway, I wrote a cmd line interface for the Google Chrome browser. Chrome comes with command line options but it’s somewhat cumbersome. Here’s the help for the batch script I wrote: Usage: google […]

Flocks of Lemmings

So, I’ve been trying to find time to do another live wallpaper for my android incredible. Basically, converting a processing sketch I did a while back into a live wallpaper. You can find the original sketch here. The lemmings respond to mouse interaction by running away. Processing sketches can be exported into android apps automatically, […]


Here’s a small java program I did a while back. I know it works on Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7. I haven’t tested it on Linux or Mac yet. Basically it keeps track of things you have completed, like a reverse todo list app. It doesn’t keep track of things you need to do, but […]