Gradient Slider update

Recently, I discovered a problem with the color picker I was using for the gradient slider I wrote. Apparently, it does not cover 100% of the color spectrum. So I started googling and found some algorithms on Wikipedia on calculating color gradients. So after a couple hours it was perfect, at least in terms of […]

City Builder

Hi everyone, I was working on a city building algorithm a while back when I was just getting into processing. It’s not quite polished and I’ve got some work left to do on it still. But I was getting some feedback on a video of it I published on vimeo, which I embedded below. city […]


Here’s a video of a processing sketch based on Perlin noise. I’ve got some more features that I want to add to it before I move on to the next thing, whatever that is… I’m also in the process of learning how to code Android apps. This growth sketch will eventually make it’s way mobile. […]


In my previous post I mentioned a processing sketch called bubblesound. This sketch is really my first look into sound and visualization. Here are some photos of it working. Hopefully, within the next few days I can post a video. I haven’t quite figured out how to record video and then merge the sound back […]

generative art

My first run at generative art is an application I’ve been working on in my spare time called BubbleSound. It’s coming along, maybe 90 % there or so. I’ve already started to do other things… Which to me means that the project is coming to a close. At least for now, until I can get […]