Gradient Earth Project

This is the beginning of a project I have begun calling, Gradient Earth. This new project attempts to capture the mysterious and stunning side of the Earth that is rarely seen. Most of the time we tend to take advantage of the new technologies emergingĀ all around us without considering what goes on behind the scenes to produce it. Take for instance Google Earth, which allows us to view the topology of the world around us with incredible ease. However, we are very quick to zoom to all the places we live or maybe would like to visit, but fail to look at the bigger picture.

This is the goal of Gradient Earth. To help us see the beauty in the bigger picture, mainly of the beauty of the ground with all it’s hills and valleys dotted with mountains and covered in streams. Along with all the rivers and oceans, the world is awe-inspiring.

With the help of NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission, or SRTM, I have produced nearly 15,000 images visualizing the curves and depressions on the Earth’s surface at 90 meter increments (once every ~300 ft). It is a truly incredible sight in grey scale alone, not to mention shaded with color. I have put a very small sample of the entire project below. This is only the beginning, much much more to come in the future.

You can view all the images in grey scale here.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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