Hey everyone, I just made a vimeo account here. I’ve uploaded some videos of bubbleSound as well as videos of other processing sketches I’ve done. Hope you like em.


In my previous post I mentioned a processing sketch called bubblesound. This sketch is really my first look into sound and visualization. Here are some photos of it working. Hopefully, within the next few days I can post a video. I haven’t quite figured out how to record video and then merge the sound back […]

generative art

My first run at generative art is an application I’ve been working on in my spare time called BubbleSound. It’s coming along, maybe 90 % there or so. I’ve already started to do other things… Which to me means that the project is coming to a close. At least for now, until I can get […]

Hello, World!

Hello World! The prototypical assertion of all things technological… Ok.. The big words don’t quite suit me. So in plain words, ‘Hello World!’ must be done. And is typically the first step, leap, bound or fall into history for most things tech. And since I live and breathe everything tech, it might as well be […]